Queen Letizia Visited The White House In A Fabulous Rouge Outfit Together With Her Husband King Felipe IV

Date June 20, 2018

Queen Letizia and King Felipe IV of Spain visited Donald and Melania Trump in the White House as a part of their five-day trip to the US. While the two country leaders were discussing some urgent political issues, the First Ladies had a delightful teapot talk, probably discussing Letizia’s magnificent dress.


King and Queen of Spain visited the Oval Office during their five-day tour around America to share the mutual positive impressions about the countries and discuss some of the significant issues.

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Donald and Felipe paid their attention to tariffs on steel, aluminum, and Spanish black olives in a bilateral meeting. The woman, on the other hand, left their husbands for the teapot talk.


Even though we have no idea what the First Ladies were talking about, Melania must have definitely noticed the stunning pink outfit Queen Letizia chose for the meeting. Formal coral dress belted with a silver sash looked perfect with the high heels and clutch of the same color.

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Interesting fact, Melania Trump might have recognized Letizia’s outfit. The First Lady of the US wore quite similar, but light blue, dress in 2017.


Was the Spanish Queen aware of Melania’s taste? Did Letizia chose the style to comfort the American First Lady or was it a spontaneous decision? What do you think?

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