Meghan, Duchess Of Sussex, Appeared In Public In An Amazingly Similar Gown Princess Diana Wore 30 Years Ago

Date June 19, 2018

Meghan Markle continues fascinating her fans with even more adorable outfits. This time, the Duchess of Sussex visited the wedding of Harry’s cousin Celia McCorquodale in an adorable dress, reminding her late mother-in-law.


Amazing similarity

The newlywed couple made another public appearance, attending Harry’s cousin's wedding in Stoke Rochford, Lincolnshire, on May 16. The Duchess of Sussex immediately attracted the people’s attention in her exquisite dress, reminding of someone extremely significant for the royal family.

Meghan's Oscar de la Renta gown resembled the outfit Princess Diana wore during her visit to Saudi Arabia in 1986. The two dresses have similar coloring and quite a close pattern.


While we have no information on what the price of Diana’s gown was, it was revealed Meghan’s dress cost around $5,170. Both necklines and floral prints were noted by social media users who spotted the similarities immediately.

Same tiara

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, knows how to attract attention even with the old-fashioned dress. However, not only Meghan had obvious resemblance to Diana during the wedding. The main person of the event, Celia McCorquodale, wore a tiara previously owned by the late princess when she was marrying Charles in 1981.

The jewelry was an amazing addition to the bride’s wedding gown, as well as the way it underlined Diana’s beauty almost 40 years ago.

Princess Diana