Reminiscing About Queen Letizia's Loss Due To The Recent Death Of Holland's Royal Family Member

Date June 12, 2018 15:07

The recent tragic news about the Dutch royal family's loss can’t but evoke the sad events happened 11 years ago within the Spanish nobility. Both Queens unexpectedly lost their sisters. The two monarchs now share the similar grief and understand each other’s feelings like nobody else.


Queen Maxima of Holland keeps mourning the loss of her younger sister. Inés Zorreguieta was 33 when she ended her life with suicide in her Buenos Aires apartment. Her friends and relatives claimed she suffered from depression, but the death became a total surprise for them.

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The Queen canceled all her engagements for the undefined term. The sad experience isn’t the first among royal families, and the Spanish monarch understands Maxima like nobody else.

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Queen Letizia of Spain lost her younger sister, Erika Ortiz, in 2007. The 31-year-old royal died unexpectedly due to intentional prescription drug overdose. Letizia was pregnant with Sofia at that time and seemed to be highly emotional during the sister’s funeral:

Thank you to everyone who has shown sympathy following the death of my little sister.


That is a terrible experience to lose a close person. Royals are also people, and despite their loud names, nothing can save them from the unpredictable problems.


We hope Holland’s queen stays strong and will live through the terrible period of her life.

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