Carlos Henrique Casemiro Slept On The Streets Of São Paulo As A Child, Now He's Representing Brazil At The World Cup

Date June 25, 2018

Football lovers often nurse dreams of playing for their countries in the World Cup. And for the few who finally live that dream, there are difficult stories to tell.


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Casemiro's story

Yet, not many can beat Brazil's Carlos Henrique Casemiro and his inspirational rise from poverty.


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He is now a celebrated Real Madrid player and currently represents his country at the World Cup, but he weeps when he remembers how tough things were for him and his mother.

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She raised him alone in a São José dos Campos neighborhood after his father walked away when he was only 4. She took a job as a cleaner and worked hard to support her son and his dreams.

Rewarding his mom

Casemiro cannot forget how his big-hearted mom tried to protect him from their harse reality by looking for tricky ways to send him home each time he wanted something they could not afford.

These days, this successful defensive midfielder and goal scorer is years away from worrying about sleeping on the streets of São Paulo. He has choice homes now. In fact, he spent his first paycheck buying his mother a befitting home.


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He also gets to be dad to his gorgeous daughter, Sara, who he shares with the Brazillian makeup artist Anna Mariana Casemiro.

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