Is Princess Eugenie's New Look To The Nelson Mandela Event Proof That She's Done With Her Attention-Desperate Hat Phase?

Date July 20, 2018

All eyes have been on the new royal bride-to-be, Princess Eugenie, and to her credit, she has been on her fashion A game.


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New look, who's this!

When she joined guests, including anti-apartheid hero, Andrew Mlangeni, at the Nelson Mandela Centenary Celebration in Coutts Bank, she showed a fancy side we don't get to see often.

We are used to seeing Eugenie and her sister, Beatrice, in outrageous, attention-desperate hats and the odd dress once in a while. But, the Princess showed up looking uber chic.

Princess Eugenie for the win

She wore a green gown with an asymmetric cut that looked flattering on her. For her accessories, she went with a nude strappy shoe. This made all the difference because well, nude shoes look great on just about anything.


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Although her ensemble was a major win and makes us anticipate her October 12 wedding look, we have to give major props to her smokey eye, nude lip makeup combo. More of this, Princess Eugenie!

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