3 Seconds Rule To Determine Sunlight Levels In Your Room And 3 Best Houseplants To Grow In It

May 25, 2018 18:04 By Fabiosa

If you pick the right plants to grow, you can create a great atmosphere in your home, literally speaking. They improve the air and add a touch of comfort to your house.

3 easy houseplants for low light rooms:

1. Prayer Plant

Chanson Pantip / Shutterstock

Prayer? Really? Well, this plant folds its leaves life those praying hands and unfolds them to praise the Lord. At this, the plant loves lots of moisture with little sunlight, which is just perfect for indoor growth. Plus it looks just great and makes your room look cozier.


2. Spider plant

thefoodphotographer / Shutterstock

Such a lousy name for beautiful and useful indoor plants! The proper one is Chlorophytum comosum. They reproduce fast and improve the quality of air indoors. What is more, they can survive pretty low sunlight levels!

3. Snake Plant

GoodMoodPhoto / Depositphotos.com

The other name is even funkier than the first one! It’s also called Mother-in-Law Tongue! The plants stand low levels of light and moisture and make perfect floor decor.

What is a low level of sunlight?

The level of light should not be considered as a stand-alone criterion for your plants. You should also take into the account such things as humidity, indoor temperature and the demand for moisture.

Low level means your room faces north. In this kind of light, a person can read or sew, but you would not feel comfortable doing without the additional illumination. It's the easiest test you can run to determine the level of light you have and pick the right indoor plants to grow in it.