"The Blacklist" Is Back For Season 6 With A Few Surprises And Shocking Revelations About Red

August 8, 2018 16:27 By Fabiosa

Fans of "The Blacklist" were in for a surprise at the end of Season 5 when Liz (played by Megan Boone) made a startling discovery. It turns out the bones were in fact those of the real Raymond Reddington.

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For a while now, many fans suspected that James Spader’s character was a Red impostor, but nobody had any definitive proof until Liz connected the dots.

© The Blacklist (2013) / NBCUniversal Media, LLC

Show producer Jon Bokenkamp in an interview with Entertainment Weekly noted that the idea of an imposter was long in the works and telltale signs were evident from the very beginning of the show.

I think there are a number of episodes that we can go back and sort of map and chart how we got here. Hopefully that is proof of concept to the audience that this is not something we're just winging, and that we're on a very specific path, and this is a well-earned reveal.

Meanwhile, NBC renewed the show for a sixth season on May 12, 2018, with 22 new episodes. The network is yet to release an official date for the season premiere, but it is expected to take place sometime in September.


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Seeing as shooting is yet to begin there are speculations that a September launch may be far from feasible and 2019 is looking more likely to be. Fans of the show in the UK can catch the series on Sky One and NOWTV.

Fans are quite excited to see what happens now that the secret of Reddington’s identity is out and the sketchy release date is not enough to dampen their spirits.

If you missed any old episodes of the show, seasons one to five of “The Blacklist” are available on Amazon Instant Video. Sky one and NOWTV will be showing reruns until October 2, 2018.

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