Test For Your Intuition Skills: Can You Guess The Profession Of This Young Lady?

Date January 14, 2019 11:20

People always judge others by their appearance. Do you think the appearance of a person can always represent a real-life job? A new study suggests that having a face that fits a stereotype 'might be an advantage in certain fields', such as sports, business, etc.

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The findings of the study are based on some experiments focusing on finding out how much people could match a face to a particular profession. 

What do you actually think about it? Could it be the reality? 

Try to guess

An Adelaide citizen, Sarah Gray, is one of the most tattooed people in the entire world. Being heavily inked, she faces challenges, struggles, and rejections on a daily basis. 


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Sarah is often refused and ignored in public places due to her inked body, but you will probably never guess who she is going to become. Maybe a tattoo master? Or a model? Or wait, perhaps she is going to be a fitness trainer. 


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Come on, make your brains work a bit livelier! What is your opinion? What kind of profession does Gray's appearance 'deserve'?


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Okay, prepare yourself for the answer. Ready? Excellent. Sarah Gray is going to be a surgeon down the road, and she is only 30 years old. Bingo! 


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Soooo, let's sum up! Did you guess correctly? Please, feel free to share your suggestions with us in comments.

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