Kate Beckinsale Boasts A Great Sense Of Humor By Posting A Hilarious Snap Of Her Mom's Famous Lookalike

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The 44-year-old actress is very close with her mom, Judy Loe, and loves having fun with her. Not too long ago, they were goofing around to The Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, and it's absolutely hilarious.

Beckinsale also takes time to wish her mother happy birthday every year and adds lovely throwback pictures for her followers.

Famous lookalike

Once, Kate was out with her mom and they were lucky to figure out which celebrity Judy resembles.

Beckinsale promptly shared the hilarious picture on Instagram, with her mother standing next to the Andy Warhol statue, captioned:

I thought it was @davidspade my mother reminded me of but it turns out it's Warhol.


I thought it was @davidspade my mother reminded me of but it turns out it's Warhol

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Kate or Ryan?

Aside from joking around with her mom, the actress often makes other funny posts on her social media.

Once, she found her own celebrity lookalike in Ryan Reynolds, and we have to say there definitely are a few similarities.

We're very happy Kate Beckinsale is active online as she proves she wasn't only blessed with good looks but also with a terrific sense of humor. 

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