James Spader Has Been Named The Strangest Man On TV. How Does He Feel About This Title?

Date August 8, 2018

There's a thousand and one reasons why we love James Spader. Most of our obsession with this actor has the do with his fine acting, but to be honest, we just love that he's our go-to talented weird guy in Hollywood.


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Oddbal characters

In an industry where everyone's trying so hard to look and act perfect, Spader who stole our hearts as the atorney Alan Shore on Boston Legal, and currently stars on The Blacklist, has stayed unapologetically weird.


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More than that, he's given us some of the most eccentric potrayals of oddball characters on TV and box office hits, from Sex, Lies, and Videotape to  Secretary.

Stangest man on TV

In a 2014 profile, Rolling Stone named him the strangest man on TV and the 58-year-old actor admiited this much to the magazine: “I have very, very strong obsessive-compulsive issues. I’m very particular.” 


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Although, his Boston Legal co-star William Shatner is just as besotted with Spader as his fans are, he told Rolling Stone that the actor was quite idiosyncratic.

I really love him. And when you love someone, that’s part of why you love them. Of course, if you fall out of love, they become beyond annoyances. 

Why he's not in a lot of films

So, is his weirdness the reason why we don't get to see him in a lot of films? According to the Looper, this does not help him at all. It's both his greatest strength and weakness.

They claim he's very selective with the roles he plays and has not particularly managed his career well. Either way, we still love us some James Spader.

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