Sarah Ferguson’s Title: Will She Still Be Called Duchess Of York If Prince Andrew Remarried?

Date July 4, 2018

After less than six years of marriage, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson shocked everyone with the news about their separation in 1992. The couple officially divorced 4 years later. But despite the painful breakup, the mother-of-two got to keep her title, and up till this day, she is still being addressed as the Duchess of York. But how she will be called if Prince Andrew got married again?


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 People still love the couple and want them to reunite someday

Sarah and Andrew’s relationship has been on display since they got married. Even after breaking up, they managed to stay close and continued to raise their daughters in a broken but yet very loving family.

Fergie showed how she feels towards her ex-husband many times with numerous Instagram posts, which made many people hope that one day the couple will reunite.

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Will Sarah get to be called Duchess of York after Prince Andrew’s second marriage?

But this day may never happen. Prince Andrew might fall in love again and marry for the second time, and this lucky woman might not be Sarah. But what will happen to Fergie’s title then?


In the pages of history, the dukes have remarried before. It is very possible that Prince Andrew’s second wife would become “HRH The Duchess of York, Princess Andrew.”

Fergie would keep her royal title, as it is the title declared for ex-wives of peers, even though it would seem very confusing to have two duchesses of York.


When Guy Innes-Ker, 10th Duke of Roxburghe, divorced his first wife, Lady Jane Meriel Grosvenor, she was addressed as ‘Lady’. Maybe, Fergie will go for that option too. Lady Sarah – doesn’t sound too bad, eh?

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