Heartbreaking! David Cameron’s Wife Revealed Death Of Her Son Ivan 'Overshadowed Everything' In Her Life

Date January 15, 2019 18:15

The wife of the UK’s former prime minister, Samantha Cameron, spoke out about the most heartbreaking period in her life. Her son, Ivan, passed away at 6 years old, and his death is the dark cloud that will never disappear from the couple’s horizon.


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What happened to Ivan?

David and Samantha Cameron welcomed Ivan in 2002. The happy event turned into a worrying situation when by his second week, Ivan started making jerky movements and quickly losing weight.


After running some tests, it was discovered that Ivan was suffering from Ohtahara syndrome. It is an extremely rare epilepsy syndrome, which is characterized by tonic spasms and partial seizures. It can lead to severe mental retardation.

Ivan passed away in 2009. It is believed his parents were with him until his last breath.

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Heartbreaking loss

After losing her son, Samantha spoke out about the tragedy, saying that everything has become meaningless to her. According to The Telegraph, she burst into tears when she was asked how she is coping with the loss of her eldest son.


She said:

Ivan dying is such a massive thing that everything else is irrelevant. It just overshadows everything. What goes on in the outside world becomes meaningless. Like anyone else in my situation, I just kept going. You have to deal with it, because you have no choice.


David Cameron revealed that even though they knew their son won’t live forever, they didn’t expect him to leave this world so young. He admitted that Ivan is still dearly missed.


However, there is a little silver lining that came out of such a devastating situation. Samantha said that Ivan’s passing as well as treating his condition when he was alive helped her deal with moving into Downing Street and becoming the wife of a country's prime minister.

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