Omarosa Сlaims Donald Trump Wanted To Be Sworn In With His Own Book Instead Of The Bible At His Inauguration

August 16, 2018 14:13 By Fabiosa

The fight between the former White House aide and the President of the United States is on! Omarosa Manigault-Newman made several revelations about Donald Trump in her new book "Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House,” which was released on August 14.


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Manigault shared an interesting detail about the President’s daily routine, saying he uses a tanning bed every morning to “look good.” This time, she took another jab at Mr. Trump, revealing his inauguration dreams.

Did he want to ditch the Bible?

A shocking claim says that Donald Trump wanted to be sworn into office with his own "The Art of the Deal" book instead of the Bible. Manigault writes that Mr. Trump asked her thoughts on using "The Art of the Deal" at the inauguration, saying that his 'bestseller' is the 'greatest business book of all time'.


By using the book, he wanted to promote it and even sell special copies after the inauguration. Omarosa claims she advised Donald not to repeat his “too crazy” idea, worrying about his image. She writes that Trump said to her:

It's how I'm going to make great deals for the country. Just think how many copies I'd sell - maybe commemorative an inauguration copy?!


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Manigault continues by writing:

Since the Bible has little significance to Trump, it may have felt disingenuous to him to take an oath on it. But "The Art of the Deal" meant a lot to him. Nothing has more meaning to Donald than himself.

People reacted to the former aide’s words

It seems that Mr. Trump will always be a businessman first, and the President second.

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