Kate Beckinsale Opens Up About Her Late Father Richard, Describing His Death As "Soul-Destroying"

Date June 25, 2018 18:54

Although Richard Beckinsale died back in 1979 when his daughter Kate was just 5 years old, the actress still can’t help but pay touching tributes to her dad and open up about her loss.


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As the Hollywood star revealed in an interview last year, her personal circumstances and background have shaped her personality and career. And the death of her father, who was famous for playing prison inmate Lennie Godber in Porridge, has definitely pained her.


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Nonetheless, being his daughter was not just tragedy, as there were many things associated with him that weren’t tragic. In fact, the terrible loss helped the actress find friends.


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When Kate was studying at Oxford University, she made friends with a bunch of people, including Kirsty Kinnear and Alan Davies. And as it turned out, all of them had only one parent. So, the friends developed the "dead parents club."

Weirdly, when I went to Oxford, and you make a bunch of friends in your first term, all of us found we had one parent. The dead parents club found each other.


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Kate’s ex-boyfriend, actor Michael Sheen, also pays tributes to the late Richard Beckinsale. As he says, the Porridge star had a unique ability to make difficult things look very easy in reality.


While some people may think that Richard was just being himself when doing comedy, he was playing detailed characters and putting a lot of effort into his work:

I think people took him into their hearts because they saw there was something very genuine and authentic about him as well as him being a good looking young lad.


In her turn, Kate often posts throwback pictures and videos of her late father, followed by sweet captions that make hearts melt. Just recently, she has congratulated Richard on Father’s Day:

God how I miss you. The first and best face. The first and best heart .The most precious scar I have. Happy Fathers Day.


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You will always be missed, Richard Beckinsale!

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