Susanna Reid Opens Up About Split From Long-Term Partner And Tension With Co-Host Piers Morgan

Date June 18, 2018 17:10

Susanna Reid is a successful ‘Good Morning Britain’ host who is credited for saving the show from the brink of certain doom. She rose from a student newspaper editor to an acclaimed broadcaster, but the 47-year-old thinks that failure is the best teacher.


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Many feared Susanna would fail professionally by switching from BBC to ITV a few years ago, even speculating that the show was going to end soon. However, the viewing figures of ‘GMB’ are increasing, with more than 3 million viewers daily.


Apparently, the show owes its success to its talented co-hosts, despite the tension between Reid and Piers Morgan. The 51-year-old is known to be hard to handle. Luckily, Susanna is one of the most tolerant and patient women on TV who knows how to solve all the disputes with her ‘frenemy’:

There are times I want to poke him in the eye. Sometimes I will tell him if I think he’s gone too far and he’ll say: ‘If that’s how it made you feel, I’m sorry.’ We couldn’t do what we do on air unless we have those conversations. Behind the scenes there’s a lot of mutual respect.


What about her personal life?

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In one of the recent interviews, the face of breakfast TV opened up about her split from the partner of many years – Dominic Cotton. Although the two have been together for more than 15 years and share three sons, they separated 4 years ago.


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It was one of the toughest periods of Reid’s life. But luckily, Dominic and Susanna maintain a healthy relationship, as they are still close friends. After all, having three kids is what unites the former couple:

It was absolutely our priority to make sure everything was as good as it can be for the children.


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Many people were touched by Susanna’s split story that they rushed to the social media platform to cheer her up:

Still, she doesn’t want any new man in her life. Instead, Susanna wants to spend more time with the children and enjoy her independence. To devote time to her sons, she even pared back her social life, which she doesn’t regret at all.

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