So Much Hair! 7-Month-Old Baby Steals Hearts With The Amazing Locks That Many Can Only Dream About

Date July 26, 2018

All babies are born different. Some stay bald for months and years, while others already have a full head of hair that makes others feel jealous.

When little Chanco from Japan was born 7 months ago, she already had the head covered in hair. Usually, such hair becomes thinner and lighter with time. But in the girl’s case, it got longer, thicker, and fluffier.

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So, Chanco’s parents decided to set up an Instagram account to share their daughter’s hairy adventures. And now, the girl has become a true internet sensation thanks to her luscious locks.

Baby hair goals!

The first photo was posted not long ago, in May. But the girl has quickly stolen everyone’s heart, earning more than 130 thousand followers in just 3 months!

When you go to the comment section under any Chanco’s photo, you will see hundreds of comments made by people clearly impressed by her dark brown locks. In the pictures, the girl’s parents often share her cute hair accessories and haircuts. Isn’t she adorable?

These are just some of the positive and hilarious comments left on Twitter

Would you follow such a unique ‘hair diary’ account?

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