Looking For A Prince? 4 Unusual Ways To Meet And Marry A Royal

July 19, 2018 14:57 By Fabiosa

Have you ever dreamed of meeting a prince? With one more royal, Prince Harry, being off the list of eligible bachelors, you may wonder how many princes are still unmarried and where you can find one… And is it even possible? Of course!


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The days of arranged royal marriages are over, and girls from modest backgrounds now have a chance to marry a prince. But do you know where to look for one? Well, you may learn something from the experience of Meghan Markle and a few other women who married into the royal families. The ways they met their future husbands are surprisingly ordinary.

Meghan Markle met Prince Harry on a blind date


One of the most discussed royal couples actually met on a blind date! It was a mutual friend who set them up. They didn’t really know much about each other – in one interview, Harry said he had never watched ‘Suits’ and hadn’t heard about Meghan. But the pair hit it off right away, and they soon started dating. About a year and a half into their relationship, Prince Harry proposed.

Kate Middleton met Prince William at the university

Prince William and Kate Middleton both attended the University of St. Andrews, one of the most prestigious schools in Scotland.


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The future couple shared several classes, and they started out as friends, as both Kate and William were seeing other people when they first met in 2001. But they fell in love, broke up with their respective partners, and started dating in 2003. Prince William eventually proposed to Kate, and they got married in 2011.


King and Queen of the Netherlands met each other at a fair in Spain

When Maxima Zorreguieta – now Queen Maxima of the Netherlands – met her future husband, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (who was a prince back then), she had no idea who he really was.


The couple met in 1999 at the Seville Spring Fair, and Willem-Alexander introduced himself as just “Alexander”. When he finally revealed his true identity, Maxima didn’t believe him at first. The pair kept their relationship a secret for a while, and they announced that they are officially engaged in 2001. Their wedding took place a year later.

Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark met at a pub in Sydney


It doesn’t sound too romantic at first, but this Danish royal couple first saw each other at a pub in Sydney during the 2000 Summer Olympics. After about a year of a long-distance relationship, Mary finally moved to Denmark. After Queen Margrethe’s II formal approval, the couple announced their engagement in 2003 and tied the knot in 2004.

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