New York And 4 Other Worst U.S. Cities To Live In After You Retire

Date June 6, 2018

If you’re planning to retire, you have probably thought about all the things you’re going to do with plenty of free time on your hands. All the places you’re going to visit, all the activities you haven’t had time for, all the new experiences that haven’t been possible before your golden years… Besides all that, have you thought about moving someplace else? Before you decide, take a look at these two lists: one compiled by Bankrate.com, and the other created by WalletHub. They include the worst and best U.S. cities to live in after you retire.

Bankrate.com ranked cities in 9 categories: cost of living, healthcare quality, weather, tax burden, crime rate, public transit, percentage of population aged 65 and older, cultural attractions, and the overall well-being of the elderly.

WalletHub’s list is based on 4 categories: cost of living, healthcare, activities, and quality of life.

Based on these two lists, we picked 5 cities you may not want to live in once you leave your job for good.

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1. Detroit, Michigan

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You’ve probably expected to see the city on this list. It scored low on quality of life and healthcare and high on crime rate. But Detroit is on its way to recovery from 2013 financial meltdown, and cultural life in the city is pretty robust.

2. Baltimore, Maryland

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The biggest city in Maryland scored low on healthcare, public transit, and overall quality of life, and there may not be much to do in Baltimore. On the upside, the cost of living there is average, and the city is not too far from Washington, D.C., which may offer more activities and places to see.

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3. Newark, New Jersey

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Newark is at the bottom of WalletHub’s list, scoring the lowest on quality of life. It also fared poorly on healthcare. Besides that, if you’ve never been to the city, you may remember it from The Sopranos. Guess what? The crime situation there is really as bad as shown in the hit TV show.

4. Indianapolis, Indiana

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The crime rate in the capital city of Indiana is pretty high, and healthcare quality lags behind. Also, the city doesn’t offer enough activities seniors can enjoy. What’s good about Indy is its relatively low cost of living.

5. New York City

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How in the world did New York end up on this list? The answer is simple: It ranks the lowest on affordability. It’s a great place to visit, but certainly not the best place to live in. Prepare to spend a lot of money if you want to move to NYC. And that may be worth it, as the city scored very high on activities and quality of life.

Source: Business Insider, MoneyWise, Real Simple

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