"Why Aren't You Smiling?" People Slam Jessica Simpson For Her Lack Of Smile At Her Son's Birthday Party

Date July 13, 2018

“Why aren’t you smiling?” Jessica Simpson’s recent photo caused a stir

These days, we can follow the lives of our favorite celebrities more closely, thanks to Instagram and other social media. There, many celebs share glimpses of their everyday lives, and people get an opportunity to comment on these moments.

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Unfortunately, these comments aren’t always positive. Here’s one recent example: Jessica Simpson posted a photo of herself and her family at her son’s birthday party and got flak for not smiling.

In the picture, her husband, son, and daughter are smiling for the camera, but Jessica’s expression looks serious.

A heated debate unfolded in the comment section. Many of the singer’s subscribers wrote that she looks “too solemn” and told her to smile:

Lmfaooooo everyone smiling but you?

you should’ve smiled with your family.... not posed... you look ridiculous

Posing instead of smiling? Don’t get it.

What’s wrong with your face?

Some went even as far as to say she can’t smile “because of all the plastic surgeries.

One user wrote:

a reminder as to why I’m not getting my lips done

The singer’s supportive fans quickly came to her defense and argued that it’s up to her whether to smile or not:

the hate is real with these comments. your happiness doesn’t depend on if you smiled for a pic. like no one is perfect and some of y’all haters seem to forget that.

Stop telling people to smile. Stop demanding people smile. Just stop.

you look beautiful!!!! I’m so sorry you have to deal with all of these haters! You keep doing you, it’s gotten you pretty far in life 😘😘😘 And happy birthday Ace! Love the hair!!!

If you don’t like the way she poses for a picture... UNFOLLOW HER! Gosh. To scroll and see everyone telling HER what to do with her family photo baffles me. Ever think she’s totally uncomfortable with the birds all around, I know I would have the same nervous look.

Jessica herself hasn’t reacted to the comments.

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Is it OK to tell other people to smile? A biological anthropologist weighs in

Is it normal not to smile, even if you’re feeling great and having a good time? Of course, it is. What matters is how you really feel, not the expression other people expect you to display.

InnerVisionPRO / Shutterstock.com

Hearing people tell you to smile when you don’t want to do it is annoying. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist, told USA Today:

Telling anybody to do anything can rub you the wrong way, particularly if it’s not natural to you.

InesBazdar / Shutterstock.com

She also said:

If people tell you to smile when you don’t feel like smiling [and you smile], you aren’t being true to yourself.

igorstevanovic / Shutterstock.com

There’s nothing wrong about keeping a serious expression, even if others are telling you to put on a smile.

Smile when you want to, not when others want it!

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