Creepy Man Snapped Chrissy Teigen Pumping Breast Milk In Her Car. She Had A Perfect Response To Him And Haters Online

Date July 12, 2018 18:17

It’s not always easy to be a celebrity. You’re in the spotlight 24/7, every move you make is followed by others (who aren’t always well-meaning), and people just can’t leave you alone when all you want is some privacy.

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Almost every celebrity has had to deal with stalkers and other creeps. Chrissy Teigen, a model, wife of John Legend, and mom of two, has recently endured a distressing situation involving one of such individuals, and shared her thoughts about it on Twitter.

Chrissy, who is a new mother, was just sitting in her tinted car, pumping breast milk. Then, some guy sneaked up on her and took pictures, when she clearly wasn’t eager to be photographed.

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After this horrible experience, the model wrote an angry tweet (which has since been deleted).

Public people should be allowed privacy when they need it or want it, but not everyone in Twitterverse agrees.

One guy claimed Crissy had nothing to be angry about, implying it’s a double standard: Sharing pictures of yourself nursing a baby and being angry at someone who tries to take pictures of you pumping breast milk:

Chrissy had to explain that posting your own pictures at your own discretion is one thing, and violation of privacy to take someone’s picture when they don’t want it is something entirely different:

One of Chrissy’s supportive fans urged her to shut down the haters and support other mothers by posting a picture of herself pumping milk, to which the model happily agreed:

Do you think Chrissy Teigen is right? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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