Who Was Lord Louis Mountbatten And Why Kate And Prince William Named Their Child For Him?

Date July 19, 2018 16:16

The whole world was waiting for the royal baby to arrive. The happy family welcomed their third child on April 23, 2018. The boy was born absolutely healthy, and Kate left the hospital already 7 hours after the delivery. Louis Arthur Charles, Prince of Cambridge, or simply Prince Louis is how the parents named their second son. Presumably, he was named in honor of Lord Louis Mountbatten, but who was this man?


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Who was Louis Mountbatten?

Born on June 25, 1900, Louis Mountbatten was a British statesman, one of the greatest naval leaders, and the last viceroy of India. He was the fourth child of Princess Victoria of Hesse-Darmstadt, who was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, meaning Louis was related to the royal family. He became earl in 1947. And from 1955 to 1959, he was the first sea lord.


His career achievements only got bigger and bigger, with becoming governor in 1965 and lord lieutenant of the Isle of Wight in 1974. Sadly, his life ended due to the terrorist attack conducted by Provisional Irish Republican Army in 1979. The terrorists blew up his fishing boat Shadow V with him and a couple more people on the board.


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Prince Chares' mentor

Anyways, was it enough to name the child after Lord Louis Mountbatten? Probably not, as there was one more thing that might’ve influenced the parents’ decision. Apparently, the earl was more than just a close friend of the royal family.

In particular, he was mentoring young Prince Charles. And in fact, the latter once said that he admired him almost more than anybody else. Prince Charles once visited the place where his “honorary grandfather” died and during the occasion made a statement:

I could not imagine how we would come to terms with the anguish of such a deep loss since, for me, Lord Mountbatten represented the grandfather I never had.


With all of the above said, we can now understand why Kate Middleton and Prince William honored Prince Charles’ mentor.

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