Does Queen Elizabeth II Have Nicknames? Yes, And They Are Very Surprising And Funny!

Date July 19, 2018

Most people had cute or offensive nicknames during the school years. Fewer people had them while studying in colleges or universities. And only the “lucky” ones have nicknames in the adulthood. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II is that kind of lucky? She has lots of nicknames, and some of them are incredibly funny.


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Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926 in London. Her education was private and at home. Therefore, she probably had a lot of attention from her parents. Presumably, the girl’s first nickname "Lilibet" (short and childish from Elizabeth) was given by her mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. After her death in 2002, the Queen wrote down this nickname on the card next to a beautiful bouquet on her mother’s coffin.



Another interesting nickname was given by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. It was actually mentioned in one scene of the film titled The Queen (2006). There, Elizabeth was lying on the bed, and her husband told her: “Move over, cabbage.” According to the screenwriter, her nickname was proven in royal circles to be true.


If you find this pet name offensive, hold on for a second. It can possibly originate from the French language's “mon petit chou.” We are pretty sure Prince Philip didn’t mean to offend his wife by calling her a vegetable.


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Gan-Gan and Gary

One more peculiar nickname was given by the Queen’s great-grandson, Prince George. According to Kate Middleton, Prince of Cambridge calls his great-grandmom “Gan-Gan.” Duchess of Cambridge says that Queen always leaves some little gift in the room for the children to show her love for the family.

A former royal fam reporter, Richard Kay, says Prince William used to call Queen Elizabeth “Gary” when was little because he couldn’t pronounce granny properly.


Imagine Queen Elizabeth going to the same school as you did. How would you have called her? Would you have given her a special nickname?

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