Chip And Joanna Gaines Reveal A Very Special Tradition For Baby Crew, And People Definitely Like It!

Date July 12, 2018

The dream family of Joanna and Chip Gaines welcomed their baby number 5 recently. The former Fixer Upper stars named their son Crew and are not shy of updating his growth via Instagram. Oh boy, he is growing fast indeed or is it just time slipping away too quickly? Anyways, a few days ago, the family showed an adorable tradition that will make your heart melt.

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Cutest tradition

Joanna shared a cute photo of her newborn Crew lying on the dad’s lap, as Chip holds the son with one hand symbolizing the father’s support. The tradition is to wear the hospital bracelet until it falls off on its own. We can see, however, the dad’s one is in “perfect shape” and plans to sit on Chip’s hand for a little bit longer.

Joanna says her husband started this tradition with their first child, Drake, 13 years ago. She‘s happy and quite surprised that the tradition lives on. A few people on Instagram shared that they have the same tradition. It seems that great parents think alike:

My husband and I both wore our til they came off from our baby girl it’s such an honor isn’t it? ❤️

Another person "accused" Chip of plagiarism:

Omg! My husband totally did this too. When I asked him if he copied Chip, he said “No, Chip copied me.”

One person even proposed what we think is a perfect idea:

How about making a leather bracelet for him instead, embossed with the same wording as the hospital one?

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Does Crew look like one of his parents?

As the little Crew is growing, we can see the resemblance with his parents. The fans even created two camps, where some said Crew looks like his mom, and the others thought he is basically a copy of his dad.

One person wrote:

Crew is so adorable I see a lot of Emmi and mama in him beautiful family!

Whereas another thought just the opposite:

Crew looks like baby Chip!😍

Apparently, the dark hair is another resemblance to the mom:

Will this be the first child with dark hair Jo???????

Some people, however, strongly believe that Crew has a strong resemblance to Drake (not the rapper):

He looks like Drake!


Cuddle bug 😍

Публикация от Joanna Stevens Gaines (@joannagaines)

Anyways, it will be awesome to watch Crew grow and change. Who do you think the little boy looks like so far?

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