Top 5 Worst Pets To Keep At Home

June 6, 2018 13:48 By Fabiosa

For so many people around the globe, their pets mean the life. They certainly consider their beloved pets as family members, almost like real children are. Obviously, we cannot choose a baby (unless adopting), but we can choose a pet. And when it comes to the choice of your tamed friend, you can definitely make the wrong one.

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Top 5 worst pets to keep at home

5. Hamster

They chew all the time, which in daytime is funny and amusing. But when the night falls, you will definitely regret buying it. Moreover, they stink and live for only around 2 years, which is clearly too little if you managed to develop an emotional bond with the furry ball.

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4. Goldfish

You cannot communicate with it or pet it. Goldfish will stare at you with its little mouth bobbing, or even ignore you like you’re nothing, triggering another episode of depression. Still, you have to clean the aquarium, buy the right foods, etc.

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3. Tiger

This one is a seriously bad choice. Some people do keep tigers (and even lions) as household pets. Sure, they have a license, as long as safety measures are in place. But hey, a tiger can kill you (maybe even unintentionally) if something goes wrong.

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2. Dogs

Surely, dogs can offer their owner unconditional love, but that’s a bright side. The downside, though, is cleaning their messes and excrement. Moreover, the inevitable loss of your best friend is just unbearable.

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1. Cats

And the winner of the worst pet ever is a cat. This creature most certainly considers itself as a king or a queen, and rarely can show love. If you want to live a life of a peasant or a slave, you’re welcome to buy a cat.

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Jokes aside, every pet is wonderful and worth having, as it teaches us so much. Except for tigers; that is just too much.

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