'Little People, Big World' Star Audrey Roloff Gets Shamed For The New Snap Of Her Daughter

Guide on how to get attention online:

Step 1: Go on Instagram.

Step 2: Find an account of any celebrity.

Step 3: Write a highly provocative comment under their latest photo.

The goal has been achieved! These days, some people seem to be following this pattern, but for what? Just to get some attention or make someone angry? This time, it is Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff who has fallen victim to internet trolls.

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One of the cutest photos ever

Recently, the mother Audrey posted a cute photograph of her 10-month-old daughter, Ember Jean, sitting on her father’s shoulder. The girl is wearing an adorable white bow headband, a diaper, and the coolest pair of red cowboy boots you’ll ever see. The dad, Jeremy, is wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt and black trousers. He’s holding his daughter and can’t take his happy eyes of her. This is a truly amazing photo that melts any heart.


If this photo doesn’t make your day I don’t know what will 💕#emberjean

Публикация от Audrey Mirabella Roloff (@audreyroloff)

Negative comments

However, some people who seem to be practicing “the attention guide” wrote several absurd and provocative comments, which simply couldn’t pass unnoticed. One of them wrote:

Cute photo, but I would have never put my daughter’s pictures on social media without a top. Too many weirdos now a days. You gotta be afraid.

Whereas the other person pointed out Ember Jean’s “weight problem,” saying that she is a bit too “chunky” for a 10-month-old girl. Another person tried to shame the parents assuming that Ember might be cold as she's wearing no clothes.

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Fans defending the Roloff family

Of course, the fans defended the parents and the healthy little girl:

Adorable! Give this family a break!! This is a perfect photo of a baby, for Pete's sake!!!

Another person wrote:

Love her boots. Great picture. I don't see anything wrong with the picture. Go to any fair in Ohio and see babies boy or girl in jean bibs without a shirt. She's a baby. It's fine.

Yes, there are a lot of judgmental people:

Seriously people. It’s a baby. Get a life. If I were you guys I would unplug from social media and just enjoy your life. People are so critical. Just live your life and share your pics with your family and family and friends. You keep getting beat up for no reason.

The Roloff family becomes targeted by internet trolls so often, they probably got used to it already. We wish the family health and more of such happy moments. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us!

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