Jordin Sparks Shares A New Sweet Photo Of Her Perfect Blue-Eyed Boy. Does He Look Like His Mom?

Date July 12, 2018 15:31

Do you remember that 17-year-old girl who has won the sixth season of American Idol? Jordin Sparks quickly climbed the charts and became a worldwide superstar. Today, however, it seems that the 28-year-old woman focuses on her family rather than the musical career. On May 2, Jordin welcomed a son, Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr., and it made her absolutely euphoric.

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Blissful mother Jordin

Although Jordin wasn’t expecting to become pregnant a month after the wedding with her husband, Dana Isaiah, 25, the woman was super excited to become a mother. Sparks recalls the moment she first held her beautiful son:

It was just this incredibly miraculous, beautiful moment that I don’t know could ever be duplicated or replicated. Like you see it in movies, how emotional people get, but until you are actually sitting there it’s beyond anything I’ve ever felt in my life.


My new normal. I love it. Look at that face! He’s gotten so big already! 😍😭😍😭😍

Публикация от Jordin Sparks (@jordinsparks)

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Unexpected troubles during the childbirth

The mother opted for the natural water birth, but thankfully, a midwife was there to resolve any possible complications. The baby was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck like a scarf, which is a life-threatening condition that can cause asphyxia and death of a newborn. This complication happens very often, so luckily, the midwife knew what to do.


Mine. 🤗🖤

Публикация от Dana Isaiah (@_danaisaiah)

The resemblance is uncanny

Jordin feels like everything has changed and is totally fine with her life becoming about someone else and not only her. Recently, the father shared a new cute photo of his perfect baby. Just look at the little boy.


Perfection 🖤.

Публикация от Dana Isaiah (@_danaisaiah)

Does he look like his mother? We think that with the only exception of his magical blue eyes, he is Jordin’s pure copy.

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