Pregnant Jinger Duggar Is Under Fire Because Many Fans Think She Might've Harmed Her Fetus

July 5, 2018 15:13 By Fabiosa

Jinger Duggar, the former reality star, is now 38 weeks pregnant, but apparently, doesn’t know about all the stuff the future mommy can and cannot do, as her fans go nuts because of her recent photo. Nope, it’s not because of her stunning beauty (she would wish), but because of concerns regarding the possible harm to the fetus.

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Radiant looking Jinger

On July 2, the soon-to-be-mother posted a cute photo on Instagram of her spending time with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, her brother, John David, and the bro’s new girlfriend, Abbie Grace. We can’t help but fall in love with the snap, on which the couples seem genuinely happy. However, some fans do not feel the same emotions, as they’ve noticed highlights in Jinger’s hair, which means she had used a hair dye.


His smile is a bit brighter these days 😉 @johnandabbie

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Is dying hair during pregnancy safe for the fetus?

The concerned fans believe that the dye could cause damage to the fetus, while others are pretty sure that it is absolutely safe to dye your hair during pregnancy. Well, the argument quickly developed into a full-scale battle of opinions. One person wrote:

No smoking, no drugs, no alcohol, no raw fish, no dyeing hair, no secondhand smoke...etc the list goes on. Ammonia is a very toxic chemical to inhale and when any product is absorbed into your skin, it risks your baby. Those are facts.

Whereas others said dyeing hair during pregnancy is OK:

That is a myth... A few highlights isn’t going to hurt her or the baby.. Stop judging!


👶🏼 Vuolo 💕 #34weeks

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Experts' answer

However, according to the American Pregnancy Association, you can safely dye your hair during pregnancy, as it poses no threat to the fetus. The chemicals found in dyes are mildly toxic, and only small amounts of them can actually be absorbed by your skin, and even smaller concentration can reach the fetus.


We’ve got a baby announcement!!! See the link my bio ☺️

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Jinger looks stylish and fresh despite her term (somehow reminds us of Kate Middleton). But most importantly, she seems happy and healthy! We hope Jinger sees only positive compliments and comments under her photos and ignores the attention needing people.

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