Dirty Phone Breeds Germs! 3 Simple Ways To Clean Your Device Without Ruining It

June 6, 2018 14:25 By Fabiosa

A dirty phone can be a massive breeding ground for germs. We take these devices everywhere and may even touch our food after touching them. It's very important to keep them clean.

However, since we cannot simply just soak it with the laundry, how exactly do we do this? Here are three useful methods.

1. Cotton swabs

This is the perfect way to remove the dirt in corners of your phone that are harder to reach. Just brush the cotton swab over these areas to get out all the gunk.

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2. Soft cloth

To get out oily fingerprints and smudges, use lint-free or microfiber cloths. This can be used to clean the screen and the body of the phone. Simply dampen a corner of the cloth with water and clean your phone. Do not spray water directly on the device or make the cloth too wet. You can then use a dry cloth to do a final cleansing.

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A microfiber cloth is preferred, as towels or similar abrasive items can permanently cause scratches and may even damage your phone.

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3. Water and vinegar

In a measuring bowl, mix equal parts of distilled water and white vinegar. Dampen the soft cloth very lightly and wipe your phone with it. Then, clean with a dry cloth.

Each of these methods can work on its own, but bringing them all together can be pretty effective as well.

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