Australian Woman Dramatically Loses 50% Of Her Body Weight Thanks To A Peculiar Method

Date July 4, 2018

Weight loss routines are a dime a dozen, and not all of them are healthy or work. But one mom’s method produced stunning results in record time, and she was able to shed over 50% of her body weight. Keely Dellit hit 126kg on the scale last year, the heaviest she has ever been. And she accepted the truth that she had a problem.


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According to the Gladstone Observer, the 23-year-old mother of three from Gladstone had a simple remedy for her weight problem. She gradually made adjustments to her diet. Once upon a time, she binged on junk food. But she gradually started eliminating it from her diet.


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But the most incredible part of her weight loss journey is how she worked out. Dellit never set foot in a gym. Not even once. And she has her three children to thank for it. Instead of lifting weights. Dellit would strap her children to her body and take them for walks.

My relationship with exercise started off with just walking. My partner worked long hours and most days my only option to exercise was with the kids so I would put my three and four-year-old daughters in a double pram, and put my new baby in a carrier and walk around the estate we lived in.


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At first, she only walked a few minutes. Then, she would walk up to four hours at a time. Thankfully, her children were quite supportive and never complained. Dellit kept track of her weight loss on her Instagram, and the results of her peculiar routine paid off.

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Now, Dellit looks fantastic, and her followers on Instagram are just as stunned at the progress she made in so little time without any gym equipment.

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Before she began losing weight, Dellit lived on junk food. While speaking with Daily Mail Australia, she confessed that it was a habit she picked up despite the training she received from her parents.

I knew what healthy foods were, I had good examples set by my parents but I loved eating junk food so much that all that education on good nutrition was pushed all the way to the back of my mind.


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Although she tried losing weight before, she found an excuse in pregnancy. But after doctors raised the alarm at the hospital and even refused to attend to her because of her BMI, Dellit knew she had to make a change. Gladstone Observer reports that Dellit immediately turned her attention to her diet.

I started off making diet changes, one change per week. I tossed all the junk food out out of the house and replaced it with healthy foods.


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But it was not easy, and with every passing week, she had a harder time dealing with her cravings, but she powered through like a trooper.

I never had a set meal plan but I consistently had a protein shake - no particular brand of protein powder - with almond milk and a banana each morning.


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She began eating healthy foods more often, stopped herself from snacking on a regular basis, and also began calorie counting. And just like that, she noticed her weight dropping astronomically. Now, she continues her walks and is enjoying her new physique. Unlike before, she is now more active and enjoys spending quality time with her family, living a more active life.

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