Meghan Markle Has Been Inseparable With Her Favorite Hat Since Pre-Royal Era And Still Loves To Wear It

Date July 4, 2018

As expected, Meghan Markle has been leaving behind her pre-royal days style and getting rid of clothes that may be deemed unworthy by royal experts.

But as a true fashionista, the Duchess of Sussex held on to one clothing item, or to be more specific an accessory, which she's been enjoying long before her marriage to Prince Harry. So, what is it?

The one and only headpiece

As it turned out, Meghan's favorite piece is a panama hat! It's not fancy or chic, she can't wear it to royal engagements or pair with her stunning dresses, but it's casual, comfortable, and suits her very much.

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She was seen wearing it during Wimbledon Championship in 2016, and the ATX Television Festival, which she attended as part of Suits cast.

It also made an appearance over the weekend, when the duchess attended a polo match with Prince Harry.

This hat has been through a lot with Meghan, so she must love it very much.

Fans love Meghan's style

Of course, the Duchess of Sussex looks stunning in whatever hat or outfit she wears, and the public always takes notice.

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Fashion evolution

As it was previously mentioned, the duchess had to change her style drastically ever since officially becoming a royal. She ditched her sexy and vamp-ish clothes for a more sophisticated look.

Meghan is lucky that she can pull off almost anything and still remains a beautiful woman.

The duchess proves that clothes don't define a person, as she makes every single outfit shine owing to her beauty.

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Meghan Markle