Scarlett Moffatt Takes Much Needed Break From Social Media After Her Alleged Split With Lee Wilkinson

July 11, 2018 13:49 By Fabiosa

Scarlett Moffatt's life has been in the center of media attention lately. Since the famous TV presenter shared her experience with weight loss and her show I'm A Celebrity Extra Camp has been enjoying great ratings, the public wants to follow Scarlett's day-to-day life.

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Unfortunately for Moffatt's fans, it looks like we all just lost our direct source of her life updates for a bit, as Scarlett said goodbye to social media. But what happened?

Taking a break

It seems that Moffatt is in dire need of a break from all her social media accounts since she's apparently going through a break-up with Lee Wilkinson. 


Nooooo Make up, noooo filter just the sunshine shining through the window☀️ #selfie #nomakeup

Публикация от Scarlett Moffatt (@scarlettmoffatt)

How do we know they broke up? Let's see, Wilkinson removed his relationship status on Facebook, he changed his profile picture from the one with Scarlett to him alone, and they unfollowed each other on several platforms. 

Their split doesn't come as a shock since a source close to Scarlett and Lee told Mirror about the couple's frequent problems:

There's been a lot of arguments recently and he's made a big deal of hiding his relationship status.


It’s good to be back in the toon @malmaisonhotels & @thebotanistuk ❤️😍 #datenight

Публикация от Scarlett Moffatt (@scarlettmoffatt)

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So, now, Moffatt decided to take a break from social media for a week, according to her Instagram post, which since has been deleted. We can understand because the last thing she wants to do right now is being bombarded with questions by many fans.

Public comments

Some people support Scarlett's choice to stay away from the drama for a bit, while others believe it's just an attention-grabbing move. 

Do what you need to do, Scarlett.

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