Kate Beckinsale Shares Hilarious Photos Of Her Beloved Cat, And We Can’t Stop Laughing!

Date June 26, 2018 11:20

She’s a bad-ass vampire, an unforgettable love-interest, and she’s also proven that she’s got some drama skills in her too – all necessary to build such a successful career. But there is one thing Kate Beckinsale needs to do more. And that is comedies. A brief look through her Instagram account can confirm a few things: She’s gorgeous, she’s fun, and she is absolutely hilarious.

Always feel better for a nose boop and this one really delivered. Actually, that day I aggressively avoided someone else's nose and still got a sinus infection and bronchitis. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

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Kate is also a big animal lover. On her recent trip to Africa, the Underworld star spent a lot of time with cute animals. She took to Instagram to share memorable snaps from her adventures.

Never say I’m afraid to approach a dazzle of farting wild zebras. I went to an all girls school, I’ve seen some things

Sarah has three children and I have one and we managed to spontaneously birth the appropriate ratio of baby cheetahs too because that’s #bestfriends

However, there is someone special who was waiting for Kate at home, and that is her beloved fluffy white cat, whom she was quick to snuggle as soon as she came back.

Actually, Beckinsale has two cats, and they are equally cute. She often shares hilarious snaps with her adorable companions, and they couldn’t get any better! Seriously, the 44-year-old is literally all of us on her Instagram account, because she always posts photos of her cats. And we simply can’t get enough of the little guys. Let's take a look at the most hilarious snaps.

1. "Me wishing happy gay pride to my bois in LA."

2. "When someone is about to leave , shed as much of your own hair as possible into their bras and pants -that's what my mother always told me."

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3. "It’s Wednesday but some of us are still down for some low-key merriment."

4. "Thank you so much @catnappercatbeds for Clive’s amazing custom vintage suitcase awesome bed . Just to recap this is his delighted face."

5. "Can’t get over this genius gift."

6. "Quietly holding down the entire Christmas vibe just gently stunting in elf ears."

7. "We just performed a complicated hex. You know who you are."

Kate is also hilarious on Twitter, because why not!

Do you ever dress up your pet? We have to say, it’s very hard to resist as there is no limit to cuteness!

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