Magical Creature In Real Life: Man Who Spent $60,000 To Turn Himself Into Elf Reveals The Result

Date August 15, 2018 19:16

Cosplay is a serious thing for many people. However, when for some it’s just a fun hobby which allows them to turn into their favorite characters for a day, others take their obsession with costumes to a different level.

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Real-life elf

Meet Louis Padron from Buenos Ares, Argentina. He spends 2 hours every day in front of the mirror to make himself look like a creature from the fantasy world. It seems a bit excessive, isn’t it? But how about having to go through 40 procedures to turn into a real-life elf?

Padron spent $60,000 to completely transform his appearance. To achieve his dream, he had rhinoplasty, liposuction on his jaw, and many more other surgeries.

He changed his ears’ shape to make them look like elf’s ears. That was after he had his jaw broken, filed and screwed together to make it look like a diamond shape, similar to his favorite character.

Louis explains he didn’t do it to get the people’s attention, he did it for himself.

I like to dress like this because I like to look like this for me and not for the others. It is important for me because I feel like I want to express how I feel inside, like a fantasy character, and I want to take this to the outside world.

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There are more surgeries that are on Padron’s list. He wants to tighten the skin around his face, to make his eyes into a cat shape, and other procedures in hope to finally one day be satisfied with his look.

Another cosplay lover

A Japanese woman spent $64,000 on cosmetic surgeries to change her looks. She often models her transformation on her social media accounts and insists she is not trying to replicate someone’s face, she just wants to obtain the face features she likes in order to gain confidence.


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It seems like a rather unhealthy trend reoccurring recently. Would you ever go under the surgeon’s knife to transform your face?

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