Keith Lemon’s Wife, Their Private Family Life And Rare Public Tributes

Date June 18, 2018

Everyone knows him as Keith Lemon, however, his actual name is Leigh Francis. He is one of the most demanded presenters on TV. However, at the same time, he likes complete privacy when it comes to his personal life. The majority of people knows he is married to Jill Carter.


The thing they don’t know is that they were only 19 when they fell in love. Since then, they’ve gained even more love and 2 kids in addition. The couple hesitates to boast about their relationship in public but for those extremely rare occasions like this one.

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After a fancy Halloween party, Leigh has taken to Twitter a cute photo of himself and his wife in spooky costumes and captioned it:

What a lovely anniversary evening. Together 25 years! Married 14 years! Love you Mrs F ever since we were kids xxxxxxxxxx… Love you very much Mrs Francis.

It doesn’t happen often that they open up about their private life, but this party must have been too good. In addition, it coincided with their 14th wedding anniversary. There are a few other public tributes of the family: 

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At the same time, the TV presenter doesn’t stop working and doing his best to make his shows even more entertaining. Through the Keyhole is his another project that’s become so popular nowadays and doesn’t seem to fade soon.

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You are awesome Leigh! Keep up the good work!

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