Top 10 Strange Marriage Rules And Traditions From The US And Abroad That You Never Expect

Date February 6, 2019

Why do people get married?

Regardless of your religion, gender, or even race, marriage is an important event that signifies the beginning of something new.

When people are married, they automatically have a new family, a companion and most importantly, it becomes a place where one can receive what they crave most; love. In most cases, whether they work out or not, the matrimonial union between two people is considered an important stage in life.


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10 strange wedding traditions from the US and the world

Since we have established that marriages are really important, here’s a list of the ten most intriguing and sometimes confusing wedding traditions.

The cues are all you need to answer the question. Just flip to confirm your guess.

You can marry your uncle…

Do you know that there’s a state where half-blooded nieces and uncles can get hitched under the law? Flip the picture for the answer.

Outdoor weddings aren’t legal…

This European country is ruled by a Royal. But when it comes to wedding ceremonies, it is completely illegal to tie the knot outdoors or in any type of open space.

Cousins can marry each other…

In these 6 American states, cousins can marry each other and this is okay under state laws.

…Allows double proxy marriage

Did you know that there’s a state where a couple does not have to be present for the solemnization of marriage? Instead, proxies can stand in for both the husband and wife.

To get married, public announcements are a must…

When you decide to have a wedding in this beautiful European country, you have to post your intent to marry on the Town Hall for a period of at least 10 days including 2 Sundays. No undercover business there!

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…Has no minimum marriage age

In a certain Middle Eastern nation, there is no set minimum age for marriage.

…Briefly had no minimum age

For a brief period in the past, this southern state in the U.S. and several others had no age requirements. Instead, the law provided for parental or judicial consent where younger people want to obtain a marriage license.

It’s illegal to marry the same man four times

In this state, the limit for marrying one man is four times. But you can still marry more than four men; each at a different time.

Divorce is seriously unfair towards women!

There is an island country in East Asia that has a law that prohibits women from being able to marry 6 months after a divorce. This law is unfair since men are allowed to marry right away! The women who suffer from this law are...

Divorce is illegal!

In Southeast Asia, there is a country that completely prohibits divorce. Even if you divorce abroad, the contract is automatically disavowed within the nation’s boundaries.

What do you think of these marriage traditions?

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