10 Female Celebrities Before And After Giving Birth: Their Amazing Transformations Prove That Motherhood Could Really Spark Your Beauty!

Date February 1, 2019 15:22

For most women, deciding to become a mother is one of the most important and life-changing decisions they would ever make.

Unlike a job or a marriage that one can change or walk away from, a child is often a permanent responsibility since the mother-child bond usually lasts a lifetime. Therefore, for any woman, choosing to become a mother is not easy since it comes with its own fair share of responsibilities and challenges that demand total dedication.

Sometimes, one might wonder, is having a child really worth it?


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Top 10 celebs before-after giving birth who prove that motherhood is 'worth it'

We compiled an amazing list of top 10 celebrities before and after giving birth. All you have to do is flip the picture to see what they looked like after becoming mothers.

Melania Trump

We all know her as the First Lady of the United States but before she dreamt of a life in the White House, she was just a beautiful supermodel trying to find her way in the world. As a mother, she is more magnificent and elegant! Flip to see the transformation.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is known as an actress, an author, and a fashion designer today and for most people, she is inspirational. But becoming a mother made her even more striking, and we dare say, happier.​​​​​​​

Victoria Beckham

She was once a pop star and her presence on stage was captivating. Today, she is a world-renowned fashion designer and most importantly, a mother to four beautiful kids. Her transition was wonderful.​​​​​​​

Kate Middleton

Everyone knows her as the Duchess of Cambridge but before her royal transformation, she worked for her family’s event planning company. As a royal momma today, she is a fashion icon and she’s never looked more regal.

Princess Diana

She was known as the ‘People’s Princess’ and her charm melted everyone who laid eyes on her. When she became a mom, it was exciting to see her as a loving mother to her princely sons, William and Harry.​​​​​​​

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Eva Longoria

Longoria became known as an influential actress through her role on Desperate Housewives. Today, she is a ‘hot mama’ and her love for her little son is incredible.​​​​​​​

Chrissy Teigen

Teigen earned her celebrity status as a swimsuit model back in the day and she was incredibly beautiful. In motherhood, very little has changed and she has become a very relatable mom to most of her fans.​​​​​​​


She was known as a punk rock star girl and her songs were badass. But as a mother, she morphed into a beautiful inspiration and every time she shows up with her kids, it’s easy to see that she the coolest mama on the planet.​​​​​​​

Angelina Jolie

As an actress, her accolades are incredible as her on-screen allure is definitely out of this world. In motherhood, she keeps proving that a woman can definitely have it all.​​​​​​​

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Meghan Markle

Do you think she was great as an actress? Meghan Markle is a beloved royal and while she’s expecting to be a mother, we can already tell that she’ll be really awesome. Even pregnancy looks good on her!​​​​​​​

If you have ever asked yourself if motherhood is worth it, then these transformations completely answer your question. These motherly stars show that becoming a mommy is a wonderful experience that enriches and completes a woman.

How do you feel about their transformations? Can you relate to these changes?

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