Which Furry Matches Your Personality? 10 Cat Breeds That Are Great For Seniors In Temperament And Lifestyle

Date February 6, 2019 14:59

For a long time, cats have been considered the default stars of the internet as they are cute, fluffy, and playful. From their slow purrs to their wobbly yet classy movements, they have become a source of entertainment and joy to many.

However, cats have also been found to bring more benefits to human beings. Researchers confirm that cats are beneficial to their owners as they can help to lower stress, anxiety, risks of heart disease, and for those with sleep disorders; they make for great cuddling buddies.

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It would seem that cats really mean more to us than meets the eye.

Best cat breeds for seniors

Here are some of the best breeds that you could adopt into your home. Flip the cards to know the name of your cute fluffy partner.


Are you gentle and do you love to play? This breed will be a great match for you since while they love to play, they don’t overdo it and are also known to form a close bond with their owners.

To find out the name, flip to the other side.


This breed is particularly loving and affectionate but has a laid back personality. If you love attention, then this cat will always follow you around the house offering you ‘help’ in anything you do.


Do you prefer a pet that is good-natured, playful as a kitten, and mellowed out as it gets older? Then this ‘teddy bear’ of the cat world is what you need. It is independent in nature and often prefers to entertain itself and snooze a lot.


Is it your greatest desire to have a cat that will go along with everyone in the family including other pets? Then this fluffy buddy is your surest bet as it’s gentle nature and closeness to owners is well known.


Do you have a quiet personality and you prefer a laid back social life? This cat will match with your preferences perfectly especially since they become gentle when older.

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Ever felt like you need love in your life? This quiet longhair breed is sweet, gentle and affectionate with humans. It bonds greatly with its owners and other pets but tends to avoid young and noisy kids.


If you are looking for a cat that’s in the middle; more active than the Persian but quieter than the Burmese, then you need this cat. You will enjoy being a parent to this little buddy who will shower you with affection and reward you with a little playtime.


This breed will fill your life as it is intelligent, loyal and quiet. If your home is full of other pets, then you don’t have to worry about any trouble from this cat as it is lovable to everyone.


Are you looking for some excitement? This cat’s sweet-temper, loyalty, and intelligence will amaze you. But, while they naturally get along with people and pets, they are more vocal compared to the breeds listed above.


Since the best is always saved for last, this lively short haired buddy is also quiet and laid back. When they talk, they are soft and pleasant to the ear.

After exploring this amazing list of cat breeds, which one do you prefer? Will you go with the cool Persian, the mellow British Shorthair, or the loving Ragdoll cat?

Share your preferences below.

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