Kate Beckinsale Proves You Can Be Best Friends With Both Your Ex And Their New Partner

Date June 26, 2018

After you break up with someone, you’ll probably say you want to stay friends, which rarely happens. But this is not the case when it comes to actress Kate Beckinsale and her former partner, Michael Sheen.

After the split, the two remained such close friends that they even recreated several moments from the day their daughter Lily was born. Just take a look – the result was pretty hilarious! Kate and Michael are definitely experts of co-parenting.


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But what do you usually do when your friendly ex starts a life with someone else? As Beckinsale proves, you can become best friends with them too!

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For 4 years, Sheen was dating a comedian Sarah Silverman, and Kate was never a third wheel in their relationship. In fact, the trio rocked a red carpet together and gushed over each other in various interviews.


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This is what Michael said about his friendship with the former partner:

Now I have not only Sarah, but also Kate and my daughter Lily, who all just make fun of me and embarrass me at any given point.


Silverman, in her turn, constantly proves she’s on good terms with Kate when she posts on social media. The two often jump into the comments section and leave hilarious messages there.

For example, when Sheen and Silverman split, the comedian took to Instagram to share a picture of a bowl of M&Ms that featured the former couple, and captioned it:

Been ending every night with a microwaved bowl of personalized m&ms given to me by the very thoughtful and very cruel @katebeckinsale to remind me that I’m alone in this world.


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Sounds a bit cruel, doesn’t it? But obviously, the two were just kidding, as Beckinsale gave these M&Ms before Michael and Silverman broke up.

Now, this is how you do a celebrity break up!

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