Winter Came Early To Colorado! Denver Area Gets Snow, Hail, And Storms In Early September

Date September 6, 2018

While most of the United States still enjoys warm weather, winter season came early to the state of Colorado. In Denver, people started sharing a series of videos on Snapchat, revealing that the ground in some places was covered in snow and pea-sized hail.

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As revealed in the local news, there were storms that moved through the metro area on September 5. As a result, heavy rain and marble-sized hail flooded the streets, making it look like they were covered in little icebergs. Rescue crews responded to several accidents and cars stalled in high water.

It might have come as a surprise for residents because weather forecast channels and websites didn’t show anything special. But, according to AccuWeather, there might be a couple of thunderstorms on both September 6 and 7.

Take care!

Last fall, the Denver area faced a similar weather situation, as it skipped seasons in two says. On one day, temperatures soared to 80 degrees, but 2 days later, the region was covered with snow. We hope the state will enjoy more sunny and warm days this year.

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Snow Storm