“You Can’t Marry Your Fitness Trainer!” Princess Victoria Of Sweden Had To Overcome Family Rows To Marry The Love Of Her Life

Date June 12, 2018

More than a thousand of guests from all over the world attended the wedding ceremony of Princess Victoria of Sweden and her fiancé, Daniel Westling, eight years ago. But few people know that Victoria had to overcome her family’s disapproval  to marry the man she loved. Do you want to know why?


‘Romeo and Juliet’ of the Sweden royal family

Eight years ago, a real drama took place in the Sweden royal family when Princess Victoria fell in love with her fitness trainer, Daniel Westling. Here comes more! When Victoria and Daniel announced they wanted to get married, the Sweden royals were completely against their union.

The royals just couldn’t put up with the thought that Her Highness would marry a commoner, who was also her personal trainer.


After long months of family rows, Victoria and Daniel finally married in a beautiful ceremony, which was televised worldwide. Sure, Daniel had to quit his job and sell a chain of his gyms, but he didn't ever regret about his decision.

Today, Daniel and Victoria are still happily married and raise two wonderful kids. What we have learned from this beautiful couple is that true love has no boundaries. Nothing can separate two loving people!

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