17-Year-Old Teenager Was Diagnosed With Deadly Illness Caused By Working Out Too Hard

June 8, 2018 14:24 By Fabiosa

During the summer, many people are hitting the gym to make themselves look better or just kill time. Next day, after exercising, some of them might have muscle soreness or stiffness. But sometimes, it can be a signal of a bigger problem.

Jared Shamburger got a new gym membership with other family members. His father and brother have been lifting for many years, so the 17-year-old wanted to catch up to them.

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But, one day, after a 90-minute weightlifting session, the swelling and soreness didn’t go away. As Shamburger said:

Everything hurt. It hurt to the touch. It was swollen.

The teenager’s mom searched the symptoms on the net and sounded the alarm. As it turned out, her son had rhabdo or rhabdomyolysis. Shamburger spent 5 days in hospital, treating this dangerous condition.

Rhabdo can by caused by crush injuries, infection, major surgery, and extreme exercise. The muscles break, and their contents are released into the bloodstream.

If there are no pre-existing diseases, the condition follows a benign course. But if there are any kidney-related diseases, it can lead to kidney failure and even death.

If after the workout, such symptoms as weakness, severe pain, swelling, and tea-colored urine are present, it’s better to refer to the doctor to treat it with IV or oral fluids.

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