Teenage Girl Saves Her Own Life After She Was Bitten By A Snake

June 27, 2018 16:21 By Fabiosa

On June 21, Kendal Vandenhoek was taking a leisurely walk on her family’s property in Colorado when the unexpected happened. She felt as small prick on her ankle and looking down, she realized in horror that she just got bitten by a rattlesnake. And it was still there beside her, big as a pancake.

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She shared her story with 11 News and said she was a bit shocked at first and uncertain whether or not she had even been bitten.

I just felt like I stepped on a thumbtack at first. The only sensation I felt was an achy feeling or a tingling numbness all the way up to my knee, that’s about it.

Kendal remained calm and alerted her family. They immediately called Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District and paramedics whisked her to the hospital. Doctors gave her more than 100% more anti-venom than is prescribed due to the nature of her bite.

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Kendal’s smart thinking actually saved her life. Staying calm after a snake bike reduces the force with which blood flows through the body. As venom moves through the bloodstream, staying calm slows down the movement.

…you want to keep your heart rate down at first and just keep that venom from going through your system.

If bitten by a snake, doing the exact same thing as Kendal is sure to increase your chances of survival. Immediately call for an ambulance and have a doctor look at the bite. Not all snakes a venomous, and there is no real first aid for snake bites, besides anti-venom.

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