JetBlue Passengers AT JFK Airport Terrified As Police Storm Their Plane After A Radio Glitch

June 28, 2018 16:29 By Fabiosa

On June 27, passengers on JetBlue Flight 1623 received a big shock when their plane was surrounded by policemen. In a few minutes, the officers boarded the plane and asked all the passengers to raise their hands and pull out their phones.

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The Federal Aviation Administration in a statement to the press said that the incident was a result of a false hijack alarm that was raised from the plane. The representative said the plane had "experienced a radio equipment problem."

There is a special code that pilots send out to air traffic control in case of an emergency. It makes use of the aircraft’s transponders. Apparently, air traffic control lost contact with the pilots and the plane sent out the code, despite the absence of a real emergency.

The aircraft was eventually evacuated, and passengers were boarded on another JetBlue aircraft for their flight to Los Angeles. The experience was quite terrifying for many passengers, and they have been sharing their stories of the event on social media.

The FAA in their statement said the response was standard procedure but not meant to aggravate the passengers, and added that the incident was being investigated.

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