Woman Failed To Get A Prescription To Induce A Miscarriage Due To Walgreens’ Staff Moral Beliefs. Who Is Right?

Date June 27, 2018

For most women, pregnancy is something they have been waiting for. Unfortunately, not all pregnant women end up having a baby. Some of them have to live through a hard period after the miscarriage.

Nicole Mone was as happy as never before when she found out about the pregnancy. She visited the doctor regularly and had medical check-ups every week.

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Doctors have been monitoring Nicole so often because they wanted to make sure everything is alright after the woman’s last miscarriage. Unfortunately, Nicole’s pregnancy was not successful again. Couple of days ago, she found out the baby’s development stopped. Nicole was told she would have a miscarriage anyways and gave her several options: D&C or prescription medication.

Nicole chose the second option and went to Walgreens to get medication. And she was very surprised and shocked, at the same time, when the Walgreens staff denied the prescription she needed. The reason was his ethical beliefs.

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Walgreens officially commented the situation on Twitter, stating that their pharmacists have the right to deny a prescription if it goes against their moral beliefs. Nevertheless, in these cases, they should refer the prescription to another staff member.

What do you think, who is right in this situation?

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