Dead Jewelry Tycoon's Son Was Charged With Killing His Father. The Evidence Speaks Volumes

June 1, 2018 15:13 By Fabiosa

Theodore Shaughnessy’s son was charged with ordering his father’s death. According to the records, Nicolas Shaughnessy would receive $2 million in case his parents died.

On March 2, Texas police began investigating the death of the longtime owner of Gallerie Jewelers in central Austin, Theodore Shaughnessy. The 55-year-old businessman was found dead in his Travis County home with multiple gunshots injuries. His wife, Corey, reported about the fatal night:

Shaughnessy heard the dogs bark, he grabbed his firearm to check the house. Less than a minute later, I heard gunshots so grabbed the gun just as the suspects fired at me. I returned fire until ran out of ammunition.


The victim’s son, Nick Shaughnessy, and his wife Edison claimed to arrive at the place of murder the next morning from their apartment in College Station. The 19-year-old boy’s attorney rejected all the possible accusations about his client’s relation to the crime.

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However, some of the evidence are more than clear. Neither of the doors was broken, and the suspects were supposed to get into the house via the window that Nick stated to have used previously to enter the building.

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The alarm system was shut down remotely, and the experts were able to track the signal to found out it was accessed from an apartment in College Station. The video from the doomed night was also deleted remotely. During the interview, Nick’s wife Edison was behaving suspiciously, while her husband remained cold:

Edison began "sobbing heavily" when was told the law enforcement officers would need to test her for gunshot residue.


Moreover, police received evidence from the witnesses of Nick’s strange behavior. Shaughnessy’s maid reported Nick offered her money for “illegal activities” and messaged her with skeleton emoji. His friend mentioned about Nick’s desire to fake his death for receiving the insurance; however, he never mentioned about his parents.


Finally, police received the statement from the unrevealed informant about Nicolas’ offer to kill the parents. He said Nick promised to pay him $10,000 monthly for the murder. Edison and her husband also had their telephones inspected where the experts found direct evidence of the crime arrangement:

Nicolas had a conversation with a friend on August 2, 2017, saying "plastic gloves ski masks," and when his friend responded "no no no," Nicholas responded, "Fine fine. Just walk in shoot a family steal all their staff."

The horrible case is still under the investigation. We hope the killer will be found and punished appropriately.

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