Princess Leonore Of Sweden Got Bored During Her Sister's Christening And Made Her Parents Flush With Shame

Date June 14, 2018

Little babies live in their own world. They tend to misbehave and not to listen to their parents quite often. Young age doesn’t care about your status, so even the royal families have to blush with shame for their successors’ behavior sometimes.


Swedish baptizing

Little Princess Adrienne of Sweden was recently christened.

The happy mother, Princess Madeleine, and father, Christopher O’Neill, welcomed their third baby in the early spring presenting another sibling to their two delightful kids, Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas.


The christening happened at the Royal Chapel of Drottningholm Palace on June 8, according to all the traditions of the royal family.

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However, there was one guest who decided to break a few of them to make the ceremony livelier.

Naughty Leonore

Little 4-year-old Princess Leonore got bored very quickly during the ceremony.

The cute girl stood up from her seat and began entertaining everybody around. She started rolling barefoot in the church aisle. She was lying on her back in the middle of the Chapel and ignoring the people’s remarks.

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The next moment she decided to involve her younger brother Nicolas in her naughtiness. Leonore started choking the sibling until her father Christopher dealt with the girl’s intolerable behavior.

Adorable Charlotte

Even though Leonore might have brought some troubles to her parents, her behavior is completely understandable – she is a kid, and her nature calls for entertainment. Similarly to her, Princess Charlotte has also recently shown her stubborn character. During the wedding, while she was sitting inside the bridal vehicle, getting ready to depart, she decided to greet her uncle Harry with his wedding in an unusual way.

She stuck her tongue out grinning towards the public in the most hilarious episode from the entire wedding. What a delightful cutie; she reminisces about her uncle Harry so much!

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