Meghan Markle's Elegant Twist On The Queen's Addiction To Color Is A Must Try This Summer

Date July 9, 2018

When it comes to style, Meghan Markle has a list of fashionable royals to look up to. She does not hold back with trying new things and learns very fast.

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Meghan's glow up

Her love of neutrals, and in general most of her fashion choices since she became duchess, have earned her comparisons with Princess Diana.

But, during a recent event to honor youngsters from the Commonwealth, Meghan made a complete detour that proved she does not mind taking fashion notes from the Queen herself! 

Who's responsible?

She wore a mustard dress made by U.S. designer Brandon Maxwell. This is the most colorful we have seen Meghan since she became duchess. Apparently, she has been spending too much time with the Queen.

Fair enough, in 1983, Princess Diana wore a casual silk gown in the same exact shade to Australia with Prince Charles. But, the Queen is clearly Meghan’s inspiration this time, and we want to see more of this!

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Meghan Markle