Melania Trump Makes A Desperate Attempt To Charm Britons In This Gorgeous Color Block Dress By Victoria Beckham

Date July 16, 2018 15:05

Melania Trump is becoming quite the 'diplomat', and during her 4-day trip to the UK, she has used her fashion to make some subtle political statements.


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She's on a charm offensive

She arrived to Britain wearing a design by Meghan Markle favourite, Roland Mouret, and on Friday morning, while she visited the Royal Chelsea Hospital, she chose a color bloc gown by Victoria Beckham.


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Her decision to go with Victoria Beckham follows a string of sartorial choices she had made in recent time that have either landed her in trouble – her I Really Don’t Care, Do You moment – or, in case of her 4th of July gown, earned her public goodwill.

Does Posh Spice care?

While her decision to go with Victoria Beckham has been hailed by Britons, Posh Spice is yet to acknowledge her famous client.


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It is likely that this silence is the result of the Beckhams choosing to stand with protesters against the working visit by the Trumps. What do you think?

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