Pippa Middleton Just Exceeded Her Sister's Pregnancy Style Record With This Chic Blue Jumpsuit

Date July 11, 2018

Pippa Middleton is going to be a mom for the first time.


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Great first trimester

While this is great news for she and her husband, James Matthews, it's even bigger for fans of Pippa because this much is certain: she will outshine her older sister Kate in pregnancy style.


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Good for the billionaire wife, rumored to have gotten pregnant in April, her first trimester has been very different from her sister's and she has been carrying on with her regular work schedule and keeping fit.

Fitness challenges

In fact, when she confirmed her pregnancy, she did so in a fitness column for Waitrose Weekend. But, before she formally let the public in on her pregancy, she found stunning ways to hid her growing bump.


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Specifically, when she rocked this Tephi London “Malibu” jumpsuit, she gave fans a rare insight into what maternity style did the Pippa way would look like.

Her secret

Good for her, she has figured out a way to enjoy pregnancy, while staying fashionable and fit.


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She relies heavily on workouts like lunges, squats, and reverse flyes to keep her body in check. And she swears by these routines. The mom-to-be credits them with strengthening her through each change her body undergoes.

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Pippa Middleton Pregnancy Style