Was Meghan Markle's Now Famous Givenchy Wedding Dress A Cheap Replica Stolen From A Movie Bride?

Date July 16, 2018 11:57

It's absolutely likely that Meghan Markle's Givenchy wedding dress will continue to be talked about for decade. In spite of the fact that opinions were divided about it and many people called it out for being ill-fitting.


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Endless comparisons

In choosing to go with that simple cut gown, Markle made a choice that would look right in any decade.

But, the timeless elegance of the Clare Waight Keller designed dress has drawn a lot of comparison with contemporary brides, in animation fairy tales to real life.

Who really inspired her gown?

Specifically, the designer Emilia Wickstead, straight up accused the house of Givenchy of ripping off one of her designs, although, she later distanced herself from comments credited to her by media outlets.

That said, people still think Markle's idea for her gown was far from original and these days, fingers are pointing to the iconic Jennifer Lopez gown from the film The Wedding Planner.

Neither Markle or JLo have commented on this possible connection and while it may have played a part in shaping Markle's ideas, it certainly was not the only inspiration for this very contested royal wedding dress. What do you think?

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